The Yellowstone Faithful

Reviews and Readers' Comments

A dandy little page-turner...Mr. Hannon may have invented a whole new genre, the environmental thriller.
--Anderson Independent-Mail

Hannon weaves a gripping, entertaining, highly recommended novel with engaging ideas about how we handle our national parks and the role special interest groups play in their management and policies.
--Midwest Book Review, Internet Bookwatch

The Yellowstone Faithful should be on the 'must read' list for anybody who has worked at Yellowstone, and anybody who cares deeply about the park and its future.
--Joyce B. Lohse, author A Yellowstone Savage -- Life In Nature's Wonderland

Hannon’s views on “use versus protectionism” are intertwined with an enjoyable and entertaining storyline that envelopes many views of this struggle.
--The Jackson Hole Guide

This novel tells that story [use vs. protectionism] in very human terms, set against the backdrop of one of our great national parks.

Hannon illustrates Yellowstone's beauty with a pen so expertly that the image flourishes magically in the mind as if the reader is actually there.

Readers' Comments
In the short time this book has been available, we have been very ecouraged by the thoughts from our readers.

"I am just beginning chapter 9 and I can't put the book down. I take it to work with me and read it on my breaks and lunch breaks. This book is so wonderful. I can't wait to see what the next chapter holds. I just wanted to let you know I absolutely love this book."
--posted on the Total Yellowstone Page chat room.

"It was like revisiting YNP with a twist of suspense! Having been to a lot of places mentioned in your book it was like a mental movie as I read it. I found your book riveting and could not put it down"

"Just wanted to let you know that we just finished your new book, and really had a fun time reading it...I especially appreciated your ability to capture both the beauty of the park, and some of it's very real problems without 'spoiling' the story."

"Lot's of fun. Wished it was longer. Kyle did a good job. We had to laugh this weekend after what happened in the park, almost made him seem clairvoyiant. Anyone who enjoys Yellowstone should find this a fun read."
posted on the Yellowstone Net chat room

"The book is very good. Not my usual fare of spy/espionage thrillers. But, this geyser thriller is really good."

"That first sample chapter made me have chills and get nervous. Just have to have that book, so I ordered it right from the web site. Can hardly wait to get it, and probably will have nightmares."

"I finished the book and reallllly enjoyed it. It was a real page turner!"

"The descriptions in your book were incredible, almost like being there."

"Thanks for producing such a thought-provoking and interesting read."

"Just a brief note to say how much I enjoyed THE YELLOWSTONE FAITHFUL. It was a quick read that kept me wanting to finish it before I put it down."

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