Links to news, wisdom and politics

Total Yellowstone Chat Page -- Share info and learn from others. The best news about the park is here. -- A big Yellowstone fan and a great plumber. Amazing pics (of Yellowstone, not plumbing)

Yellowstone Net discussion forum -- Another great site for park discussion.

Filibuster Press News -- This is what is going on with us.

Realchange -- They have the low-down about all the political candidates. Bill Clinton is obvious; it's interesting to see how crooked the others are. Be especially sure to check out Dick Lugar because he so incredibly non-corrupt.We should have elected him when we had the chance.

Outrage -- Gee, do you think our government wastes money? These guys have the proof.

Sellout of the Month -- It's amazing how quickly people will drop their beliefs for good news clippings or a brief political advantage. The Competitive Enterprise Inst. keeps you up-to-date on those people.

BooksSquare -- This is a useful book catalogue site. Choose a category and find books, authors and publishers you may not know about.

P.J. O'Rourke -- This is an unofficial home page, but check it out anyway. P.J. is a hero.

Reason Magazine -- Subscribe and be wise.

Free-Market.Net -- Here is a great source of information, articles, graphics and links. Plus, they have a monthly contest for free loot.

Obscure Store and Reading Room -- Interesting selection of news and articles. Give them a look.

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