Links to free-market and libertarian sites

Free-Market.Net -- Here is a great source of information, articles, graphics and links. Plus, they have a monthly contest for free loot.

Laissez-Faire Books -- They don't stock Filibuster Press books yet, but they've got every other great book. They've got a printed catalogue too. Do some shopping.

Ayn Rand Institute -- She is the most important and influential person of the century. Find out more about her, her writing and her philosophy.

Max Tax -- Keep tabs on the growing list of the taxing activities of our government. Max Tax is a project of the Committee for New American Leadership.

Libertarian Party -- Third parties don't have to be goofy. They can actually be smart.

Republican Liberty Caucus -- Not ready to make the leap to the libertarians? Then check out these free-market minded Republicans. They claim several elected officials in their ranks.

Democratic Freedom Caucus -- Yup, the Democrats have a libertarian group too. Check out these guys, especially if you are outraged about corporate welfare.

Future of Freedom Foundation -- Discussions, resources, articles...the FFF does it all.

Reason Magazine -- Subscribe and be wise.

Political Economy Research Center -- Hooray! Someone out there believes in a common-sense, free-market approach to the environment. They've got great info. (If you like sensible environmental policy, keep your eyes open for future Filibuster Press publications.)

Liberty Round Table -- Interesting stuff for the freedom-minded. These guys are hard core.

The Election -- Political intrigue and the possibility of a victorious 3rd-party candidate? Richard W. Field's novel takes you there. The hero may be a little "green" for some, but his winning platform will make most liberty-minded people smile. This book should be the textbook for 3rd parties that are serious about the chance of winning the presidency.

The Big Eye -- These folks have done some nice sorting of the 'net. But please don't neglect us just because you found them.

Quack Grass Press -- Time-saving techniques for becoming a free-market activist and a good sorting of important, thoughtful works.

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