The Break Room

by Kyle Hannon

A Story You Need To Read

Mitchell Person opened his small construction company in the bad part of town because that was the only place he could afford. He wasn't interested in urban renewal. He wasn't interested in turning his city's social welfare system on end. He only wanted to use his hands and tools to build things of which he could be proud.

But his spirit of self-reliance spills into the nearby neighborhood, starting a magnificent rebirth of the city's worst slum.

Not everyone appreciates Person's efforts. An ambitious politician and greedy union boss yank Person into a fiery racial controversy that threatens to destroy all he has built. He faces the choice of succumbing to their wishes, or sticking by his principles and losing everything.

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Others' Opinions

"(Hannon) trains his creativity on the problems of race and job creation, two problems that vex our time. His characters portray the stereotypical antagonists in the drama of urban America, and he leaves us not in despair, but hope."
---William H. Hudnut, III. Former mayor of Indianapolis.
"If you enjoyed The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged then you will definitely want to read Kyle Hannon's The Break Room. It's an Ayn Rand-meets-Tom Wolfe story of the nineties, in which one man's integrity stands against all the forces of urban blight and big government. If you think that bid ideas don't matter any more, this book might just change your mind."
---Maxim Engers, Dept. of Economics, University of Virginia
"I was hooked in from the beginning, turning pages anxiously, and greeted with a satisfying, uncompromising ending."
---Richard W. Field Author, The Election

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The Break Room ISBN 0-9644007-2-3


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